Friday, December 12, 2008

tis the season!

its officially christmas!! today i finished decorating my tree completely (it took me a couple of days this year with two little ones!) and tonight we went to the temple to hear our stake choir perform. its so beautiful with all the decorations and lights. i would have taken some pictures but someone is keeping my camera hostage!! (you know who you are!) i love listening to and singing christmas songs. this year is charlottes first christmas and shes old enough to enjoy opening presents and what not. i realize she'll like the wrapping paper more than the gift but thats ok! now all i have to do is finish (or start rather!!) my christmas shopping so i can relax and enjoy the holiday without stressing. rick has asked me not to buy him anything this year and im sorely tempted to take him up on that since hes such a pain in the butt to shop for. whats everyone opinion on that? do i take him for his word and not get him anything or do i ignore him and buy him some presents? what would you do?? oh i love christmas! i hope everyone is enjoying their holiday as much as i am!! merry christmas!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

my babies

this past weekend my sister justyn and i took our kids to get their pictures taken so we could get a nice frame and give our mom a picture of the grandbabies for christmas. (so sshhh dont tell her!) sophia is reliably difficult and noah can be hit and miss with his moods but my little charlotte is generally our dependably happy girl. well, obviously she forgot this that day! after sophia having a minor meltdown she finally calmed down and was ready for her closeup and after noah getting his tummy full he was a happy camper also. but my dear little charlotte was not having it. she was so sick with a fever and a cold and WOULD NOT smile. these are the best we could get with the group as it was. not too bad i must say but we never did get a very good group shot thanks to charlotte the stinker!