Monday, October 19, 2009

ever had one of those days?

today is not one of my best days. well, to be honest its probably not been one of my best months. nothing specific has happened to make it particularly bad, i just find myself in a funk that i cant seem to get out of. i find myself dwelling too much on what im not happy with and feeling sorry for myself. i hate this. what i think i hate the most about my little episodes of unhapiness is that sometimes i dont WANT to pull myself out of it. well, i guess i want to but i just dont know how and its easier not to. and so there i am. in a funk having a hard time and not willing to or knowing how to get myself on a different path. i hate feeling this way. i hate feeling sorry for myself and just want to be susie sunshine and be happy with everything life has to offer all the time. i find myself reading my favorite blog (the nienie dialogue) and i feel very ungrateful and ridiculous that i cant just be happy with my life and what i have been blessed with when there are others who suffer and struggle with trials so much more than my own. so thats my day, or days i guess, in a funk and mad at myself that i am! maybe im just feeling particularly bad for myself because my house is a DISASTER and i have NO motivation to do anything about it! hahaha! so i guess i better stop wasting time on the computer and go do something about it. hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

best bedhead ever!!

this is what charlotte woke up with the other day...perfection...