Wednesday, August 26, 2009


when i was a little girl my grandma jesperson used to watch me while my mom worked in my grandpas chiropractic office. one of my favorite memories from that time was when we used to make cookies together. my grandma didnt make cookies to eat the cookies, we made cookies just to eat the dough (my grandma was diabetic so this was a real treat)! my grandma has passed this love of cookie dough (unfortunately for my waistline!) down to all of us in my family. it has become somewhat of a sunday tradition for sophia and nana to make cookies together and for us all to eat half of the dough before it can even be made into cookies. i couldnt help but think of my grandma this past sunday. its coming up on a year now since she passed away and it made me sad but brought a smile to my face as i watched my girls hubbled around my mom "helping" her make our sunday cookies and then devouring the dough! i miss my grandma but i cherish the memories i have of her. like our cookies (of course!), snapping greenbeans together while we watched her favorite soaps, singing man in the moon (my girls favorite!!), her face lighting up whenever she saw charlotte, and doing her hair every week (she was always so grateful!). i love and miss you grandma and will always be a fellow "doughhead" as grandpa used to call us!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

silly girl...

my conversation with sophia yesterday after she was being mean to her little sister that went a little something like this~
me: "sophia your sister loves you so much you need to be nice to her."
sophia: "no she doesnt. shes making up a plan to get rid of me."
me: "sophia what are you talking about? shes just a baby."
sophia: "yeah but she's coming up with a plan now so she can get rid of me when shes older!"
me: "what?! where did you get this from???"
sophia: "from the internet."

crazy child!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


my little charlotte LOVES the swings. everytime we go to the park thats where she would like to spend the majority of her time. we went to la jolla shores this past week and of course charlotte suckered rick into pushing her on the swing. the next thing we know we look down and shes fallen asleep! she was out cold! this girl DOES NOT sleep unless shes in her room with a bottle in her own bed with the lights out and the fan going. so it was pretty surprising to see her fall asleep in the middle of a crowded park in the swing. the funny thing is we went again 2 days later and whitney was pushing her in the swing and she did she fell asleep again! what can i say the girl loves her swings!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

kayaking adventure

well i dont have any pictures for this post but let me tell you i really wish i did! this past weekend one of our favorite comedians jim gaffigan came to town and performed at humphreys by the bay. we really wanted to see him and we have heard that you can actually go around the back on a boat or kayak and sit there on the water right to the side of the stage. so we borrowed a couple of kayaks (thanks brad and allie!!) and decided to give it a try. rick had wanted to take them out and practice beforehand but we never got a chance. so right before we were about to leave (now comes the part where i wish i had pics to post!!) rick decides to try it out in the pool really quickly. so hes paddling around is headed into the side of the pool, overcorrects, and flips the thing over! it was so funny! i was trying my hardest not to laugh too much because i knew he would retaliate by either throwing me in or splashing me. but i must say it was pretty funny watching him come out of the pool fully dressed dripping from head to toe! but after watching him do this i must admit it did make me a little hesitant to be paddling around on the ocean. we almost didnt do it because i almost wussed out but i decided to be brave and just take it slow. it actually ended up being really fun (ok i freaked out a bit at the thought of how deep it was and started to imagine fins coming at me through the water but i talked myself through it!). after it was over we paddled back and i went to grab my shoes i had left on the shore right next to ricks and 1, yes only 1, of my flipflops was gone. who takes only 1 flip flop?!? come on now! so i had to go to dennys afterwards to grab some dinner with just 1 shoe! can we say ghetto?? so overall we had a really fun date night doing something different, something active, and jim gaffigan was his usual hilarious self. so we had a blast and now rick is wanting to buy some kayaks REALLY BAD! hahaha!