Sunday, December 27, 2009

kids are gross

today i look over at charlotte and shes picking her nose. "charlotte dont pick your nose thats gross." holding her finger out to me, "no its not. its yummy!!! taste?" then she decides to do just that! "mmmm...yummy!" its a good thing shes cute!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

sassy girl!

i thought it was about time to give an update on sophias progress with her spanish at school, so i decided to share a funny story from the other day. sophia was being a little sassy (lets be real when isnt she?!) with her uncle dan who was speaking to her in spanish. dan says something to her and she says "YOU dont exist!!" i told her it was rude to speak to her uncle like that and she tells me that dan said something rude to her. i told her no he didnt and thats not how she should talk and my sister whitney starts laughing and tells me that dan did say something rude to her. i ask her what he said to her and she tells me "he told her she doesnt exist." i have to admit in spite of her sassy mouth i was so proud of her! hahaha! she totally understood what dan had said to her! shes picking up and understands SO much already and its been so fun to watch her progress. im scared for the day when she can speak it fluently with all her school friends and i'll have no idea what their saying! hahaha! but for now its just amazing to watch this girl learn and grow!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

a day with my girls...

life with my girls is never dull thats for sure. the other morning charlotte came in our room and rick yells to me to come look at her hand because its about 3 times its normal size and he thinks she got bitten by something during the night. well, it turns out she didnt get bitten. she put a clear little plastic hair band around her wrist before she went to sleep and it must have cut off her circulation during the night and caused her hand to blow up like a ballon. the crazy thing is it wasnt even bothering her! nothing this girl does surprises me anymore! well, that same day my sister picks sophia up from school and sophia calls me near tears because apparently a little girl in her class cut her hair. of all the kids to pick to cut their hair sophia was definitely the wrong one! hahaha! im obviously the only who has ever cut her hair so she was a little traumatized. charlottes hand eventually went down and is just fine and sophia got over it after a little drama so. hahaha! theres definitely always SOMETHING going on in our house!