Wednesday, January 27, 2010

charlie the hero!

today my sister and i had a mother of the year moment. we took the babies to kohls and after we were done she was loading the stroller into the trunk and the bambinos were in the car and somehow the car got locked with the 2 of them inside. (im pretty sure charlotte stepped on the keys in the front seat and hit the lock button!!) so we're both standing outside the car pointing at the unlock button telling charlotte to push it. after pushing every other button and then the lock button TWICE we were starting to get a little worried. so i told charlie to grab the keys and push the unlock button on there. then she tries putting the keys in the ignition! so then i start to panick! i showed her my keys and said "push the button charlie like on mommys keys" so then she pushes the panic button and the alarm goes off! now im feeling like everyone in the parking lot is looking at us and now know we've locked our kids in the car! finally she pushes the unlock button and i yank the door open before she can hit the lock button again. then justyn opens the back door and noah is leaning against the door and just about falls out and face plants! of course these two thought it was the funnest game and weren't concerned for even a second! these kids are tight as can be and i have a feeling they are going to put more than a few gray hairs on our heads by the time their all grown up!

ps. i think the funniest part of the whole thing was us pointing at the unlock button and charlotte pointing at every button EXCEPT that one and looking at me saying "this one?"... "no charlie" next button, "this one?"... "no charlie."... next button " this one?"...."NO charlie!".....

Thursday, January 21, 2010


charlotte is obsessed with the camera. every time i get it out she turns into a crazy person and tries to grab it and starts yelling "i wannee!!" (pronounced wah-knee and means "i want it!!!")
so this is charlotte before, trying to grab my camera-

see the craziness??

and this is charlotte after i give her my old camera-
the beast is tamed again...

p.s. this is charlotte "taking" my picture!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

a little R&R

rick and i recently took a trip up to northern california. we drove up to san jose and visited the winchester mansion. very interesting but that lady was crazy! then we drove up to san francisco and spent a few days up there. while there we ate a lot, stayed up WAY too late, got my window smashed in and my makeup stolen (an for those of you who know me you know this was very traumatizing AND expensive!!), saw lot of the city, took lots of pictures, and basicly enjoyed being kid free and doing whatever we felt like for the day! our first day we took SO many pictures and for some reason they got erased:( im pretty bummed but what are you gonna do? rick and i went to san francisco for our honeymoon so it was fun to go back. unfortunately i didnt get to see alcatraz AGAIN because the tour was sold out. but it was still fun. i love that city!! after a few days we headed over to san simeon to check out hearst castle. this was my favorite part of the trip!! ive wanted to to there ever since i learned about hearst and his amazing castle in high school and rick finally took me! it was GEORGEOUS!!! not to mention it was fascinating with the rich history there. we ended the trip by driving home down the 101. i never knew how beautiful northern california was and thought san diego was the place to be but i could totally do northern california. love it!! even though i came home to a sick baby, it was such a fun getaway and loved going away with my cute hubby and having some alone time. now im ready for our next vacation!!