Sunday, November 30, 2008

a little late

so i realize halloween was a little while ago but i wanted to post some pictures from our fun halloween party. we all got together at brad and allies house and it was a blast!! we had a pretty wicked golf course thanks to brad and an awesome dance party with jessa showing off her killer dance moves! thanks to everyone who came and brought goodies. so fun!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

my house....aaahhhh!!!

ok so anybody want to trade me houses?!? why is it this house attracts every kind of critter imaginable? in this house i have had the typical ants, spiders, pincherbugs, cockraoches, which in itself is bad enough. but besides those lovely insects i have also had an infestation of fleas (i hate anything that can bite and draw blood in particular!), mice(not just one but a whole family i had to get rid of!) a bee hive in my roof which made its way into the house so for awhile i had a swarm of bees in my upstairs! (no exagerating here!) the other day we came downstairs to make breakfast before church and there was a bird sitting there on the ground (yes it was alive)! and then yesterday i get home from church and theres a lizard sitting there in my entry way! its a good thing im not the typical girl when it comes to bugs and rodents. although i did freak out over the ants (ok there were thousands!)and the fleas and the bees, i hate bees they freak me out! but everything else i simply scooped up and put outside. ill keep you posted on the next unwanted guest i find in my house! if i find a snake im definitely moving!!!

so this picture has nothing to do with my post but i thought id post this for graham. oh graham see what you have waiting here at home for you?? i bet you just cant wait to get home now!! isnt she lovely? hahaha! im kidding. we all miss you bunches and i cant wait for you to get home and also to meet the newest addition to our little family! we love you!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

so very random!

ive decided i think my daughter sophia has got to be one of the funniest people i know! today was my nephew noahs blessing and when i told sophia we were going to their ward to see him be blessed she said to me, "like simba in the lion king when they hold him up in the air? are we all going to bow down before him like in the movie?" she cracks me up. the other day she was sitting on the toilet going to the bathroom when she reaches behind her and pulls the toilet seat forward to rest on her back and i say to her "sophia what are you doing?" she says to me "im pretending im a turtle!" i love this girls sense of imagination and how clever she is. after church today rick and i were organizing a bit and decided to take apart charlottes bouncy seat and baby swing and put them up in the attic. i also went thru her clothes and pulled out all of her clothes which have gotten to be too small. it was making me so sad i wanted to cry! shes 8 months now and i cant believe how fast its all going by. shes crawling, pulling herself up to everything and cruisin around, and she already has 5 teeth! shes such a sweet baby girl and i enjoy her so much. im so excited to see all of the changes she is making but on the other hand i just want her to stay my little baby! i love both of these girls so much and am grateful to have been blessed to have them in my life. i love my little family!