Sunday, November 7, 2010


So can i just say i LOVED Halloween this year?!? The girls are both at such a fun age now and totally get into all the festivities. Between dressing up for school parties, trunk or treats, and trick or treating these costumes definitely saw some action. I have to say i was kind of disappointed this year that Sophia wouldn't let me talk her into what i wanted her to be and REFUSED to dress up in a theme with her sister. It made me a bit sad because i had it all planned out but she wanted to do her own thing this year :( But that's ok because i think her costume was PERFECT for her, and thank goodness she didn't pick something like Hannah Montana or something as equally obnoxious!! (sorry if that's what anyone's kid was!!) She sure made one cute Cleopatra! So Charlotte dressed up with her cousin Noah instead. They were the cutest Superman and Supergirl out there! If you asked Charlotte what she was for Halloween she says "A SUPERHERO!!" We had a blast this year and can't wait til next year! Sophia already has her costumes planned for the next 3 years;)

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