Friday, September 25, 2009

i did it!!

so ive been talking about cutting my hair off and going back to dark for forever and i finally did it! i love it! i dont think ill ever do blond again. too much upkeep and it fried my hair! so im happily a redhead for the moment but we'll see how long this one lasts!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

no hablo!!

sophia started school about 3 weeks ago and the school we chose to send her to is a spanish immersion school. this means her teacher only speaks spanish to her which had me a bit nervous at first but its amazing to see how quickly she is picking things up already. the other day rick was teasing her and after only 2 weeks in school she said to rick "daddy you being muy mal (very bad)! your in timeout no hablo(talking)!!" her little accent is perfect and she sounds so cute! its been so neat to watch how much shes learned already and im excited to see the progress shes going to make!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

street scene

rick and i went to street scene again this year. besides being HOT we had a lot of fun and saw some GREAT bands. some of my favorites were band of horses, awesome!! they sound as good live as they do on the cd. silversun pickups, they sound so good live and i love the girl in the band, shes so cute! ra ra riot, i only caught their last few songs but they were fun to watch. rick liked public enemy, it brought back memories since he said it was his first tape. no, not cd, tape. old school! i didnt listen to them back in the day so wasnt really too into their music but they were entertaining to watch. flava flav is a nut job!! but he did touch my hand! flava flav!! modest mouse was a lot of fun also minus the stupid drunk chick that i was about ready to take down. especially after she accidently bumped me in the face. so then i "accidently" jabbed her with my elbow! she was pretty drunk so i think i could have taken her. there were alot of good bands but those are the ones that stood out the most. i have a few clips if your want to have a little listen. cant wait for next year!!

band of horses...

matt and kim

ra ra riot

Thursday, September 3, 2009

i have a kindergartener?!?

so i have to admit that i was DREADING sophias first day of school. i was expecting her to become hysterical and pitch a major fit when it came time for me to leave and to my pleasent surprise she did neither of these things....until the second day. hahaha! i didnt get as many pictures of the first day as i would have liked because i took her in, showed her to her seat, said i loved her would see her after school and i left. i knew the longer i stayed the worse off she would be. so she looked at me, her eyes welled up, and she just gave me a hug and said goodbye. i was shocked! i, of course was in tears right after i left! i was so proud of her. then the second day came around and it was a completely different story. she knew what to expect this time! she just kept saying to me, "mommy its just too long! i just want to stay for a little while!" i tried the same tecnique from the first day and this time she grabbed my leg, sat on the floor, and wrapped her arms and legs around it and started crying hyterically that she didnt want me to go. i then walked her over to the carpet to sit with all her classmates and as soon as i went to stand up and leave she jumped up, ran for the door, ripped it open and took off running down the hall to the parking lot. now this is the sophia i know!! unfortunately no pictures of this! i had to try my hardest to keep from laughing because it was kind of funny. but my heart does break a little each morning watching what a hard time she is having to this adjustment. i know it will just take her awhile but its very hard to watch in the meantime. i find myself missing her so much during the day and i just wish so badly that i could be a fly on the wall to see how shes doing. i know she'll make all kinds of friends soon and do well and im excited for her, even if she isnt just yet!

the night before i drew this on her hand and told her she could look at it throughout the day and think of me and how much i loved her. her eyes filled with tears and she gave me the biggest hug ever. of course i started bawling like a baby!!
at her desk. my big girl!!!
outside her classroom (looking a little less excited!)
walking up to school
ready to go!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

mommy and sophie day

sophia has not been looking forward to starting school so ive been trying to come up with something to get her to not dread starting school. so i came up with mommy and sophie day. the week before school started we ditched charlotte with nana and sophie and mommy hit the town. we went shoppping to buy her first day of school outfit, went and got pedicures (where she talked the poor girls ear off!!), met daddy for lunch, shopped a little more (even though she was over shopping at this point!), and then went and saw a movie. we had a great time and she loved the undivided attention she got on her special day. afterwards we went to pick up charlotte from nanas and she wanted to try on her new outfit for everyone. i couldnt get a single smile out of her only her serious "model pose"! we had a lot of fun doing "big girl" stuff all day!a>