Thursday, September 3, 2009

i have a kindergartener?!?

so i have to admit that i was DREADING sophias first day of school. i was expecting her to become hysterical and pitch a major fit when it came time for me to leave and to my pleasent surprise she did neither of these things....until the second day. hahaha! i didnt get as many pictures of the first day as i would have liked because i took her in, showed her to her seat, said i loved her would see her after school and i left. i knew the longer i stayed the worse off she would be. so she looked at me, her eyes welled up, and she just gave me a hug and said goodbye. i was shocked! i, of course was in tears right after i left! i was so proud of her. then the second day came around and it was a completely different story. she knew what to expect this time! she just kept saying to me, "mommy its just too long! i just want to stay for a little while!" i tried the same tecnique from the first day and this time she grabbed my leg, sat on the floor, and wrapped her arms and legs around it and started crying hyterically that she didnt want me to go. i then walked her over to the carpet to sit with all her classmates and as soon as i went to stand up and leave she jumped up, ran for the door, ripped it open and took off running down the hall to the parking lot. now this is the sophia i know!! unfortunately no pictures of this! i had to try my hardest to keep from laughing because it was kind of funny. but my heart does break a little each morning watching what a hard time she is having to this adjustment. i know it will just take her awhile but its very hard to watch in the meantime. i find myself missing her so much during the day and i just wish so badly that i could be a fly on the wall to see how shes doing. i know she'll make all kinds of friends soon and do well and im excited for her, even if she isnt just yet!

the night before i drew this on her hand and told her she could look at it throughout the day and think of me and how much i loved her. her eyes filled with tears and she gave me the biggest hug ever. of course i started bawling like a baby!!
at her desk. my big girl!!!
outside her classroom (looking a little less excited!)
walking up to school
ready to go!!


The McNeil Family said...

I am sure she will make friends and then she will love going to school. It is crazy to think that her and Brayden our in all day school. Brynlee asks me a million times a day where brayden is. We miss him too.

The Schrader Clan said...

That's too cute. I can't believe how big she is. I was just having the same experience with sending Ethan off to preschool and much to my surprise I too was the one crying. I never saw that coming. I don't think that he even missed me that first day. I guess it's their subtle way of letting us know that it's okay that they're growing up and so independent now. Even though we don't want to see or believe it. Anywhoo... I just wanted to drop in and let you know that I was thinking of you. Hope all is well. Love you,