Tuesday, September 1, 2009

mommy and sophie day

sophia has not been looking forward to starting school so ive been trying to come up with something to get her to not dread starting school. so i came up with mommy and sophie day. the week before school started we ditched charlotte with nana and sophie and mommy hit the town. we went shoppping to buy her first day of school outfit, went and got pedicures (where she talked the poor girls ear off!!), met daddy for lunch, shopped a little more (even though she was over shopping at this point!), and then went and saw a movie. we had a great time and she loved the undivided attention she got on her special day. afterwards we went to pick up charlotte from nanas and she wanted to try on her new outfit for everyone. i couldnt get a single smile out of her only her serious "model pose"! we had a lot of fun doing "big girl" stuff all day!a>


The McNeil Family said...

SOunds like lots of fun. What a cute idea. I am sure she loved the attention. My kids hate when I have to help another kids while I am doing something for them. Good luck to sophie in school

Anonymous said...

such a big girl. what a cute little model too!