Wednesday, February 23, 2011

charlotte paige

three years ago today you came into this world. you were so eager to be here that you came out all on your own. even though the nurse told me not to push and wait for the doctor you had plans of your own and without any pushing you popped right out. you've been happy just to be here ever since. i love your smile, your cute freckles, and how your always trying to make me laugh and smile. i love how you always take mommy's side when daddy's teasing me, and how you try to make funny faces and be silly to make me laugh if you think you've hurt my feelings. it makes my day when you tell me "mommy your my best friend." your a sweet, happy, fearless, spunky, and fun little girl and i can't imagine my life or our family without you! happy birthday charlie paige i love you with all my heart baby girl!