Monday, July 20, 2009

5?!? what?!?

so i cant hardly believe it but sophia is now 5 years old. when did this happen?! she starts kindergarten this year and while i am looking forward to some free time (wow when did having 1 kid instead of 2 start to feel like free time??) im not sure if im ready for this step. i can remember the first time they put her in my arms and i felt like this day was forever away. and here it is, my baby is now 5 and starting school soon! ok im drying my tears and moving on! this year for her birthday party sophia decided that she wanted to have a campout( hallelujah she got over the idea of a hannah montana or jonas brothers party! yuk!) and a pool party. and while yes you may be thinking these things DO NOT really go together this is what sophia wanted and so this is what she got(hey i was willing to do anything if it meant no hannah montana or jonas brothers!!). it was one of the most stressful party planning experiences EVER! it was the first really hot week of the summer and i had to clean my house and backyard top to bottom with no ac, i was moving salons this week, and i had a wedding to do at the del the afternoon of the party! busy week! even though this was probably the worst time to be planning a party, i think it turned out really well. i actually really liked the whole "campout" theme and thought it was a cute idea. we had a lot of fun and sophia told me this was her favorite party EVER! of course she has only had 5 and maybe only remembers 2 of them! shes already planning what she wants to do for her party NEXT year and is already starting her guest list. looks like we'll have this well planned out in advance for next year!!

catch up....

so here are some pictures of what we've been up to lately. there was the del mar fair, fathers day, some beach trips, the ob chili cookoff, a padres game, and just some other fun, random things and some pictures i thought were cute!

Monday, July 6, 2009

so sad

so i am not the kind of person who is overly fond of change. in fact i hate it. i get comfterable and its hard for me to step into new situations. so ive been in denial because im not too happy about it but the salon that ive worked at for the past 4 1/2 years will be closing next month. this will be my last week working at paradise. ive really enjoyed working there and will miss all my girls i work with. im going to be moving to a new shop up in la mesa area. as much as im sad to be leaving my old shop and all of my friends there im excited for this new oppurtunity and the chance to make changes that will hopefully be good for me. (im trying to convince myself that im excited for a change! hahaha!) so wish me luck!! oh and come visit me at the new shop!!