Sunday, October 10, 2010

You ARE Mine!

So can i tell you how much i love this little girls freckles?!? I pretty much think their the cutest thing ever. And you know what i think it's funny that as a child i HATED my freckles with a passion. So i think its interesting that the thing i hated about myself as a child i adore on my daughter. Maybe it's because my girls pretty much look nothing like me and this is the one thing i can look at and think, "oh man there is a little of me in there!" :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Boy

Grant Thomas Brashear
Born October 6, 2010
8Lbs 9Ozs
He's just perfect and we are going to be best friends, we've already had a talk;) I'm so happy for my sister and her little family and I'm excited to get to love on a brand new baby!
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

My "new" bathroom

so for those of you who have had the unfortunate opportunity to witness the nastiness that was my downstairs bathroom let me take this moment to apologize and hope you have not been scarred for life. and for those of you who have not experienced it for yourselves count yourself lucky. all i can say is it was BAD. you can tell because there is no way in you know what i was going to post the before pics! now im not saying its perfect by any means but dang does it look better! im VERY proud of myself. i did most of it by myself including the peel and stick flooring. (ok rick helped me a bit but i did most of it!!) now im sure your thinking peel and stick is flooring for dummies erin! yes it is but this girl is definitely a dummy when it comes to home projects! but i must say i think it turned out fairly decent. so im very happy with my new bathroom and no longer do i close my eyes when i go in there and get out as fast as i can. now i look around with a sense of accomplishment and ponder what my next project shall be :)