Sunday, October 10, 2010

You ARE Mine!

So can i tell you how much i love this little girls freckles?!? I pretty much think their the cutest thing ever. And you know what i think it's funny that as a child i HATED my freckles with a passion. So i think its interesting that the thing i hated about myself as a child i adore on my daughter. Maybe it's because my girls pretty much look nothing like me and this is the one thing i can look at and think, "oh man there is a little of me in there!" :)


The McNeil Family said...

I hated my freckles growing up too.. O wait I still don't care for them. But hers are adorable. I think that charlotter does resemble you more then sophie.

Michelle said...

That is sweet Erin.
I love my kids freckles, too.

beach mommy said...

Noah has some too - I love them:)

You make beautiful babies!