Thursday, February 26, 2009

valentines day and our night on the town

so ive pretty much decided that valentines day is NOT my holiday! it seems like SOMETHING happens every year. rick did get me some beautiful flowers that he arranged all by himself which makes me love them all the more! and sophia and i made him some goodies. and i made the girls a fancy valentines breakfast. but it does seem like every other year one of us is sick, or one of the kids, and one year rick even had his work truck broken into and all his tools stolen! well, this year was pretty much the same as all the previous years. ricks teeth were killing him so he had to work and then go to the dentist all day. by the time he got home from all that he was tired and not feeling well and i had been cleaning house all day and was pooped. so we decided to wait until the following weekend when we werent tired and it wasnt going to be insanely busy anywhere we went and go out then instead. so we went out the next weekend with our friends brad and allie and my sister justyn and dan to ruths chris. i insisted that everyone get dressed up because i love to get dressed up and never really get the chance (sorry brad!)! dinner was great and we had a lot of fun. we walked around downtown after dinner and then went and got dessert at a place called heavenly desserts which was very tasty! it was nice because everywhere we went wasnt too busy so we all decided this was the way to do it, go out the weekend AFTER valetines! so we had fun and i cant wait to do it again!

me and my hunky hubby!

the ladies!

the boys being silly

the gang

me and my hot date!

ricks valentines treat from me and the girls

breakfast i made for the girls

sophia with her flowers from daddy

my beautiful flowers!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

im a nerd!

ok so i asked for everyone to leave their opinion about my hair and then there was no way to leave a comment. smart one, huh? i have fixed this so comment away!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

your opinion please...

ok so i need your opinion. ive pretty much always had dark hair but recently i went blonde. i cant decide if i should go back to dark or leave it blonde for a little while. so what is your opinion? dark or light???

charlie paige!

so i cant hardly believe it but today is my baby girl charlottes first birthday. how did this happen?? i just barely had her didnt I?? shes such a sweet little baby and i enjoy her so very much. shes walking (well, more like running!), has 8 teeth, and is starting to say some words. shes seriously the funniest baby ever. shes starting to get a bit of an attitude but its pretty funny. i love this little girl so very much! happy birthday my sweet baby girl!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


good or bad our kids watch EVERYTHING we do! ive known for awhile but really realized after today that i really need to censor myself and watch everything that leaves ny mouth because sophia hears and imitates or repeats it all! she has that wonderful habit of asking me a thousand questions on a daily basis and i must say at times it drives me CRAZY! so today after question 692 for the day i decided to turn it around on her. i started asking her question after question. "sophia whats your favorite color?" "sophia whats your favorite animal?" "sophia why is it cold today?" "sophia whos your best friend?" as you can guess she didnt appreciate this at all! about the third time i did this to her today she says to me "ok your driving me crazy here kiddo!" i tried my best not to laugh out loud. she then says "i think its time to give your mouth a rest." hahaha! i told her "yes i think do."i know i say this to her on a regular basis. so i will be watching everything i say because this kid imitates me so well its scary!!

so for awhile my camera was lost, which happens often! and then i couldnt get the dang pictures to upload to the computer but today was my lucky day, i had the camera and figured out how to get the pictures on the computer so i figured id post some new pics. i know youve all been waiting eagerly to hear from me, right??? here are some recent pics of a day we spent at seaport village!