Wednesday, February 18, 2009


good or bad our kids watch EVERYTHING we do! ive known for awhile but really realized after today that i really need to censor myself and watch everything that leaves ny mouth because sophia hears and imitates or repeats it all! she has that wonderful habit of asking me a thousand questions on a daily basis and i must say at times it drives me CRAZY! so today after question 692 for the day i decided to turn it around on her. i started asking her question after question. "sophia whats your favorite color?" "sophia whats your favorite animal?" "sophia why is it cold today?" "sophia whos your best friend?" as you can guess she didnt appreciate this at all! about the third time i did this to her today she says to me "ok your driving me crazy here kiddo!" i tried my best not to laugh out loud. she then says "i think its time to give your mouth a rest." hahaha! i told her "yes i think do."i know i say this to her on a regular basis. so i will be watching everything i say because this kid imitates me so well its scary!!

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