Thursday, May 10, 2012

jealous much??

Today Charlotte was watching the TV (honestly when ISN'T she watching TV!) and a commercial for some Shirley Temple DVD's comes on and she immediately says "I don't like that girl! Turn the channel! She's better than me and i don't like her!" I asked her what she meant and she said that Shirley Temple tap dances better than her but made sure to add "but I'm cuter than her!!" We are so humble in this home;)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So its been awhile...

I cant believe its been since august that i last posted! Well, we've had a couple changes as many of you may  know. Rick got a job with border patrol, had to leave for training for 6 months and i was left to fix up the house and pack myself. YIKES! The whole experience taught me that I'm stronger than i know. I fixed up a house by myself, worked, took care of the girls, and packed a 3400 sq foot house all in a matter of 6 months! Makes my head spin when i think about it. I never thought I'd leave beautiful San Diego or my friends and family but here i am living in Arizona. I miss home like crazy but surprisingly it's not nearly as bad i thought it would be. I think that might partly be because i know the goal is to get back to San Diego (hopefully sooner than later!!) and I'm not gone for good. Also i drive back every 6 weeks to work and get a quick home fix;)This experience has made me think that EVERYONE should live away from home and family and their comfort zone, at least for a little bit. Never thought i would say that but honestly it kind of feels like an adventure! Of course I wish our adventure could be in a COOLER more exotic place but hey it is what it is. I really feel like its been a huge growing experience and made our little family closer than ever because all we have is each other! Rick loves his job I love getting to be mommy (although i admit i DO at times miss work and getting that break!!) the girls are doing great and love their new puppy so all in all i would say that right now life is good and i couldn't be happier!