Monday, June 7, 2010

Whits wedding

My youngest sister Whitney and her fiance Graham just got married this past weekend and i couldnt be happier for them. She had to be one of the most beautiful brides ive ever seen (and no im not just saying this because i did her hair and makeup! hahaha!). Everything turned out amazing and was elegant and beautiful. My girls had a blast and i could not keep them off the dance floor! We even had a reception to go to the next night and they were partying it up there also! These girls are dancing fools! I cant believe we're all married now! Whitney used to drive me crazy when she was younger because her dang mouth never quit! But now i must say she's one of my very closest friends and i love her so very much. Congratulations Whit and Graham i wish you all the best in your marriage! Love you!!
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Dance Dance Dance!

Both Charlotte and Sophia have been taking dance the past couple of months and their classes both got to perform at the Santee street faire. Sophia did great! And she was by far the prettiest little thing up there;) even if i do say so myself! Charlie pretty much stood there with one hand on her hip shaking her hips back and forth looking all sassy the whole time! but hey atleast she wasnt standing on the stage crying the whole time like some of the other girls! I was so proud of them and cant wait to go and watch them perform at the San Diego fair. They were both so dang cute. Oh how i love having girls!
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