Monday, April 27, 2009

sophia and mommys garden

so it all started when my grandpa gave sophia a potato that was sprouting roots and told her to plant it in our backyard. well, i figured whats the point in planting and watering just one potato? ive been wanting to plant a garden so i figured now would be the perfect time. well, its not quite a garden, its really just some buckets with plants in them. so sophia, charlotte, and i went to home depot and picked out some squash, cucumber, and tomatoes. i have absolutely NO clue what im doing but sophia and i had a blast planing it and cant wait until (or if!) we get some vegetables from our very own plants. we decided to plant some flowers also so we'll see how that goes. i'll keep you updated on how things go with my little "garden". wish us luck!!

so excited to plant her plants!

cute girl!

all finished!

charlie napped the whole time (woohoo!!) and this is what she woke up with!!

a day at the bay

a couple weekends ago we went to the bay with brad and allie for brad to do a test run on his jetskis. it was beautiful and the girls LOVE the beach. i cant wait for summer we'll be at the beach as much as possible thats for sure!!







Saturday, April 18, 2009


the other day as i was about to leave for work a mommy duck with her ducklings came walking thru my front yard and right up to my front door. they then went into my backyard and made themselves right at home in my pool. sophia was beyond excited to see all the baby ducks and i will say they were adorable. that duck has my respect, she had 15 ducklings!! crazy! but here are some pictures of the cute little buggers.


we had a fun easter this year. charlotte kind of got into the whole easter egg hunt thing. she did find a few eggs before she got distracted by other things. sophia was all over it and was running around like a wild woman grabbing every egg in sight. i unfortunately ate probably every jellybean in their baskets and am now regretting it immensely everytime i step on the scale! hahaha! this year we went over to ricks uncle alexs to hang out with his family and had a good time. the girls love being around their cousins! i love holidays and the older the girls get the more fun they are! i love reliving holidays like easter thru my girls. their a good excuse to do things like dye eggs, eat candy, and have a full fledged easter egg hunt. i love hunting for easter eggs and im guessing a full grown woman running around collecting eggs by herself and knocking toddlers down to get as many as i can would look a little weird. so luckily i have my girls to drag around with me so i dont look so insane on my own!! kids make holidays fun all over again!

Monday, April 6, 2009

michals wedding!

this past weekend was my sister michals wedding which, despite being windy and FREEZING, turned out just beautiful! they were married in the la jolla temple and the reception was at mount woodson which was an amazing location which i would have enjoyed even more had i not been freezing my booty off! the week started out pretty crappy when charlotte came down with the flu on monday but i figured atleast it was the beginning of the week so surely she would be over it by friday...WRONG! the morning of the wedding charlotte was still throwing up and sophia now had it and i was feeling it also. so as you can guess they were both pretty unpleasant to be around. but despite all of this they were troopers and did a great job. so this is the part of my blog where i publicly apologize to all of my family for getting them all sick (including michal 2 day after her wedding!). sorry guys!! especially little noah, sorry baby boy! i didnt take nearly as many pictures as i had wanted to since i was feeling crappy and chasing my kids around the whole day but i did get a few so here they are, and yes i took them with my new camera, yeah!!

me and charlie (sophia refused to be in any pictures!!)

we all wore a broach in our updos that belonged to my grandma who passed this last summer. can you see mine? it was my favorite!!

justyn, whit, and i doin our bridesmaids thang!

charlie and sidney

i had to bribe her with a slurpee to get this picture!

grandpa takin the bride for a spin around the dance floor

the fam

sleepy charlie

it was a long day!!