Monday, April 6, 2009

michals wedding!

this past weekend was my sister michals wedding which, despite being windy and FREEZING, turned out just beautiful! they were married in the la jolla temple and the reception was at mount woodson which was an amazing location which i would have enjoyed even more had i not been freezing my booty off! the week started out pretty crappy when charlotte came down with the flu on monday but i figured atleast it was the beginning of the week so surely she would be over it by friday...WRONG! the morning of the wedding charlotte was still throwing up and sophia now had it and i was feeling it also. so as you can guess they were both pretty unpleasant to be around. but despite all of this they were troopers and did a great job. so this is the part of my blog where i publicly apologize to all of my family for getting them all sick (including michal 2 day after her wedding!). sorry guys!! especially little noah, sorry baby boy! i didnt take nearly as many pictures as i had wanted to since i was feeling crappy and chasing my kids around the whole day but i did get a few so here they are, and yes i took them with my new camera, yeah!!

me and charlie (sophia refused to be in any pictures!!)

we all wore a broach in our updos that belonged to my grandma who passed this last summer. can you see mine? it was my favorite!!

justyn, whit, and i doin our bridesmaids thang!

charlie and sidney

i had to bribe her with a slurpee to get this picture!

grandpa takin the bride for a spin around the dance floor

the fam

sleepy charlie

it was a long day!!


victim of MoMnesia said...

You Ford girls are gorgeous!! I want to see more...I love these photos.

Wish I could of been there to dance with you!

hmm...not that she would of invited me or anything.

Michelle said...

It's so not fair when everyone else gets to enjoy the "adult only" reception, but you have to chase your kids around because they're family. I remember Caitlin's wedding was the same way. Oh well, you looked really beautiful Erin.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

You loked beautiful P.S.!!! And charlie can sleep on me anytime! I love to cuddle!

TRICKY said...

Your girls are so precious! Those polka dot dresses are too adorable.

Beach Mommy said...

Sorry everyone was sick! I hate how everything gets passed to everyone! Beautiful outfits though and I hope you could enjoy yourself a bit!

The McNeil Family said...

I love your new camera I need one like this. You look great, You are so skinny, what is your secret.. I need to shed some pds.Your fam is so cute. We are planning on coming in july we would like to get together if you guys are not to busy.