Monday, April 27, 2009

sophia and mommys garden

so it all started when my grandpa gave sophia a potato that was sprouting roots and told her to plant it in our backyard. well, i figured whats the point in planting and watering just one potato? ive been wanting to plant a garden so i figured now would be the perfect time. well, its not quite a garden, its really just some buckets with plants in them. so sophia, charlotte, and i went to home depot and picked out some squash, cucumber, and tomatoes. i have absolutely NO clue what im doing but sophia and i had a blast planing it and cant wait until (or if!) we get some vegetables from our very own plants. we decided to plant some flowers also so we'll see how that goes. i'll keep you updated on how things go with my little "garden". wish us luck!!

so excited to plant her plants!

cute girl!

all finished!

charlie napped the whole time (woohoo!!) and this is what she woke up with!!

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Michelle said...

Beautiful! Love you!