Saturday, April 18, 2009


the other day as i was about to leave for work a mommy duck with her ducklings came walking thru my front yard and right up to my front door. they then went into my backyard and made themselves right at home in my pool. sophia was beyond excited to see all the baby ducks and i will say they were adorable. that duck has my respect, she had 15 ducklings!! crazy! but here are some pictures of the cute little buggers.


A Wrinkle in Time said...

Erin! A few things:
1. I need my hair done bad...I have to plan a trip soon!
2. I can;t believe how big Sophia is now...crazy!!
3. You look amazing!!

Michelle said...

That's so cute. My kids would love that.
P.S. Your pool looks so clean & inviting.:) I can't believe it's that time of year again!

Jen said...

Okay that is the cutest thing ever! My kids would have died to see that. 15 little ducklings went out to play, over the hill and far away...hee hee!