Friday, July 23, 2010

I am Spartacus!!!

Today i worked downtown with the cast of the show Spartacus doing makeup for them for comic con. I was incredibly nervous but it turned out to be a lot of fun! The cast was great and super nice. The person i mainly worked with was named Viva Bianca. She was really sweet and incredibly beautiful which made my job that much easier! It was a crazy long day (from 7am to 945 pm!!) but A LOT of just sitting around and waiting. Lucy Lawless was one of the cast members we were working with and she was super nice as well. John Hannah is also on the show and he was in the mummy movies. His accent was AWESOME! Andy Whittfield plays Spartacus and dang can i just say HOT! Hahaha! Super nice also. It was a long day but all in all it turned out great, was a great experience, and i would love to do it again sometime!
Here are some pictures of the cast-

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good food good friends

Last week was also my good friend Jessa's birthday. We surprised her and met her and some other friends down at Beni Hana for dinner. This was my first time going to Beni Hana and i loved it! The food was delicious and its entertaining also! And of course the best part of the whole night was just getting to be with good friends and, wait for it...NO KIDS!!! Woo hoo!!! Happy birthday Jessa i'm so grateful for our friendship and i love you girl!!!

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sassy sophia turns six!!

Sophia had her birthday last week and for her party she decided to have a "polka dot" party. It turned out really cute if i do say so myself, largely in part to my sister Michal. She made the endless amounts of polka dots, the banner, and the cutest crowns you've ever seen! Thanks again Michal your awesome! When i asked Sophia what she wanted to eat at her party she told me pepperoni pizza because it looks like polka dots! Clever girl! Sophia loved her party and is already planning what she wants to do next year. Thanks to everyone who came (especially those who showed up in their polka dots!!) and celebrated my baby girls birthday with her! Happy 6th birthday Soph i sure love you my cute girl!

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