Friday, October 31, 2008


so we actually went to disneyland a couple of weeks ago with brad and allie and justyn, dan, and baby noah but im just getting around to posting some pictures now. we had a blast! it was a really fun group to go with and i cant wait to go back again! ps allie i want a copy of the pictures we took at the front of the park with everyone!!


so every year one of the reasons i look forward to halloween is just to see what rick will come up with for carving his pumpkins. hes so creative and does such an awesome job. im a big cheater and use the stencils but if i didnt it would look like a 2 year old did it! so im always impressed with how good ricks come out and he completely free hands them. hes amazing! the girls even got into it this year! well charlotte crawled around the whole time but sophia actually helped out this year and picked the smiley face for her pumpkin. i thought for sure we were going to have ours smashed in the street this year but surprisingly we didnt. here are some pictures for your enjoyment!!

my sweet little charlotte

sophia helping with her smiley face pumpkin

rick gettin into his pumpkins

the finished product!

so this is the pumpkin that had me thinking we would get our pumpkins smashed!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

my weekend

this weekend i went up to the disney hotel with my mom and sisters to a craftshow and luncheon. its nice to get a day away with my girls and not my LITTLE girls! thank you to my hubby for making this possible! we had a good time shopping, eating too much, and laughing our butts off over some funny memories (like my moms ugly pink flowered skort outfit i had to wear for 8th grade graduation. can we say hideous!!). my sisters are some funny girls and a good time was had by all! later that day rick, me, and the girls went to chuck-e-cheese with brad and allie. i think we had a bag of about 300 tokens, thanks to our good friend allie,and we used them all! thanks allie! we were there until 10, who knew they were even open that late. but we had a good time and the girls both slept in until 7:30 (thank goodness!!)since they were up so late. so all in all i had a pretty fun weekend. i cant wait until next weekend. between halloween on friday and our party on saturday it should be a blast!! here are a couple pics from my day with the ladies!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

hes so dreamy!!

i burnt a disc of some songs im liking for the moment and one of the songs on the cd is by a band called fiction plane. well, sophia has decided out of all the songs on this cd that she LOVES this song. so whenever we get in the car i have to listen to this song about half a dozen times. believe me im not complaining because its definitely better then listening to "hey hey you you i dont like your girlfriend" (which is what she calls it!) on her kids bop cd! she has no idea what the song is called or the bands name so whenever we get in the car she says to me "hey mom can we listen to that song with the guy with the dreamy voice?" dreamy?! where did this come from?! i have never in my life said the word dreamy! i love this girl! she definitely gives me something to smile at (or laugh hystericaly in most cases!). so i put the song on my page for your listening enjoyment. i hope you enjoy the song and his "dreamy" voice!

swell season

one of my favorite movies from this past year was a movie called Once. it had the most awesome soundtrack and actually won the academy award for best song. AMAZING!! well, the couple in the movie actually have a band called swell season and they are touring and playing some of their stuff and some of the music from the movie. they came to san diego and played at the SDSU open air theater last night so for date night rick and i decided to go down and sit outside and listen. we were enjoying the music but were a little disapointed to not be able to see them and hear them talk in between songs and of course we were too cheap to pay $30 to get in! so by about the third song these two guys come walking out and ask if we want their tickets. of course we said yes! so we got in and didnt have to pay! best date night ever! romantic venue and music without the cost! hahaha! they were awesome. they sounded just as good live as they did in the movie. and he would give an intro before each song and tell a little story about it and he was pretty funny and entertaining. i LOVE her voice. i wish i had the ability to open my mouth and have something so beautiful come out. but alas i cannot carry a tune to save my life! my poor girls have to put up with my awful voice whenever i sing them a song. so i posted a couple of their songs so you can enjoy them as well! cant say enough about the soundtrack, its awesome and a must have!!!