Saturday, October 4, 2008

hes so dreamy!!

i burnt a disc of some songs im liking for the moment and one of the songs on the cd is by a band called fiction plane. well, sophia has decided out of all the songs on this cd that she LOVES this song. so whenever we get in the car i have to listen to this song about half a dozen times. believe me im not complaining because its definitely better then listening to "hey hey you you i dont like your girlfriend" (which is what she calls it!) on her kids bop cd! she has no idea what the song is called or the bands name so whenever we get in the car she says to me "hey mom can we listen to that song with the guy with the dreamy voice?" dreamy?! where did this come from?! i have never in my life said the word dreamy! i love this girl! she definitely gives me something to smile at (or laugh hystericaly in most cases!). so i put the song on my page for your listening enjoyment. i hope you enjoy the song and his "dreamy" voice!


The McNeil Family said...

I am so glad you started a blog.. So I can see how big your kids are getting. Yeah i agree with you i am so glad to not be pregnant.. The last two weeks seemed like forever, i even had him at 36 1/2 weeks so he was earlier, but being pregnant was not fun. Sophia is so grown to you soon

Anthony and Karalee said...

It seems like we haven't seen you guys in forever! We found you on Matt and Valerie's blog. Keep in touch -- Karalee

Jen said...

She cracks me up! She sounds like she is 16 already. I am enjoying your blog. You do a great job.