Sunday, October 26, 2008

my weekend

this weekend i went up to the disney hotel with my mom and sisters to a craftshow and luncheon. its nice to get a day away with my girls and not my LITTLE girls! thank you to my hubby for making this possible! we had a good time shopping, eating too much, and laughing our butts off over some funny memories (like my moms ugly pink flowered skort outfit i had to wear for 8th grade graduation. can we say hideous!!). my sisters are some funny girls and a good time was had by all! later that day rick, me, and the girls went to chuck-e-cheese with brad and allie. i think we had a bag of about 300 tokens, thanks to our good friend allie,and we used them all! thanks allie! we were there until 10, who knew they were even open that late. but we had a good time and the girls both slept in until 7:30 (thank goodness!!)since they were up so late. so all in all i had a pretty fun weekend. i cant wait until next weekend. between halloween on friday and our party on saturday it should be a blast!! here are a couple pics from my day with the ladies!!


The McNeil Family said...

sounds like fun...what a nice husband..

A Wrinkle in Time said...

You guys are all so pretty!! i have to check up and you to get myself motivated!!