Saturday, October 4, 2008

swell season

one of my favorite movies from this past year was a movie called Once. it had the most awesome soundtrack and actually won the academy award for best song. AMAZING!! well, the couple in the movie actually have a band called swell season and they are touring and playing some of their stuff and some of the music from the movie. they came to san diego and played at the SDSU open air theater last night so for date night rick and i decided to go down and sit outside and listen. we were enjoying the music but were a little disapointed to not be able to see them and hear them talk in between songs and of course we were too cheap to pay $30 to get in! so by about the third song these two guys come walking out and ask if we want their tickets. of course we said yes! so we got in and didnt have to pay! best date night ever! romantic venue and music without the cost! hahaha! they were awesome. they sounded just as good live as they did in the movie. and he would give an intro before each song and tell a little story about it and he was pretty funny and entertaining. i LOVE her voice. i wish i had the ability to open my mouth and have something so beautiful come out. but alas i cannot carry a tune to save my life! my poor girls have to put up with my awful voice whenever i sing them a song. so i posted a couple of their songs so you can enjoy them as well! cant say enough about the soundtrack, its awesome and a must have!!!

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Dan, Justyn, and Noah said...

Well aren't you Ms. Lucky lately!!! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.