Wednesday, May 6, 2009

cinco de mayo

this past weekend rick and i went down to old town for the cinco de mayo celebration with the kiddos and my sister justyn and noah. i have to say this is probably my favorite street fair ive been to now. they had the whole main street closed off with booths set up, stages with musical performers, traditional mexican dancers, a horse riding drill team, all the exhibits were open, a whole kiddie area with free games, facepainting, and crafts, and of course all the delicious mexican food you could eat!!! sophia was fascinated by all the old buildings, especially the whaley house which is supposedly haunted. she wanted to go in SO bad. but it cost money and we didnt have time. i told her "sophia you dont want to go in there, theres ghosts. wouldnt you be scared?" she says "no mommy i wont be scared i'll be brave!" i think in her mind she thinks a haunted house will be like the haunted house at disneyland! charlotte loved the horses, she wouldnt take her eyes off of them. that girl loves animals. one of the guys there let the girls sit up on his horse with him. i think that was both of the girls favorite part. sophia is obsessed with horses right now!! ricks favorite part were the fresh tortillas they make right there in front of you. he was still craving them the next day! my boy and his mexican food! we definitely had a lot of fun and i cant wait to take the girls back again next year!

the whaley house

me and my cute boy

sophia and mommy

justyn and mr noah

she wanted to go in SO bad!

i told her if she was naughty wed put her in the old jail!

the girls loved the horse!

daddy and his girls


Brad and Allie said...

looks like fun! i wish we could have joined you...

Anonymous said...

i hope to join you next year!

erin marin said...

wasnt the same without youguys this year!!

The McNeil Family said...

Looks like fun.. Good old cinco de mayo in San Diego.