Wednesday, May 27, 2009

memorial day weekend (saturday)

saturday we went over to coronado with justyn, dan, and mr noah and brad, and allie and rode our bikes around the island, got lunch, and then hungout on the beach. the girls (and myself!) love being outside and the weather was perfect. i have recently discovered a love for coronado! it is my new favorite beach! it was a fun day, when can you ever go wrong being outside and especially at the beach!!



rick and brad

the girls

rick and mr noah

they were pooped!!


Michelle said...

That's crazy! Eric & I were in Coronado on Saturday also. Weird! That's our favorite beach these days.

Anonymous said...

I 2nd that CORONADO is the BEST. There were times when it felt like our own private spot cause no one else was around!

The McNeil Family said...

So maybe we can go to coronado?