Wednesday, May 27, 2009

memorial day weekend (friday)

so we had a pretty fun and full memorial day weekend. friday we went to to the padres game which was SO much fun!! we sat in the beach seats so the kids were able to play in the sand the whole time, which they loved. we won which was also a bonus. and after the game was over we got to go sit on the field, which was so cool, to watch the fireworks. it was probably the most fun ive had at a game and definitely a nice start to our weekend!

mike and joshua

watching the fireworks on the field

we won!!



brad, allie, whitney, and graham

rick and i


Anonymous said...

so cute in your padre jersey's. love it!

The McNeil Family said...

Matt and Anthony just went to a game this weekend Padres against Diamond backs.. They sported their Padre stuff.. maybe we should go to a baseball game too.. I want to do stuff that will be a fun vacation/family reunion.. Look like you guys were busy this weekend.