Sunday, November 30, 2008

a little late

so i realize halloween was a little while ago but i wanted to post some pictures from our fun halloween party. we all got together at brad and allies house and it was a blast!! we had a pretty wicked golf course thanks to brad and an awesome dance party with jessa showing off her killer dance moves! thanks to everyone who came and brought goodies. so fun!!


Anonymous said...

so, I guess you can't update some more current photos?

Like the most awesome trip to WASHINGTON?!!!

Yeah I'm sure it would be pretty much impossible, since you left your camera in the truck!!

I'll be sending it to you, but first email me your address please!!

LOve YoU!

The McNeil Family said...

Cute I love your pictures..sounds like you guys had fun..

Michelle said...

Yes, I want to see some Washington pictures!:)