Sunday, January 10, 2010

a little R&R

rick and i recently took a trip up to northern california. we drove up to san jose and visited the winchester mansion. very interesting but that lady was crazy! then we drove up to san francisco and spent a few days up there. while there we ate a lot, stayed up WAY too late, got my window smashed in and my makeup stolen (an for those of you who know me you know this was very traumatizing AND expensive!!), saw lot of the city, took lots of pictures, and basicly enjoyed being kid free and doing whatever we felt like for the day! our first day we took SO many pictures and for some reason they got erased:( im pretty bummed but what are you gonna do? rick and i went to san francisco for our honeymoon so it was fun to go back. unfortunately i didnt get to see alcatraz AGAIN because the tour was sold out. but it was still fun. i love that city!! after a few days we headed over to san simeon to check out hearst castle. this was my favorite part of the trip!! ive wanted to to there ever since i learned about hearst and his amazing castle in high school and rick finally took me! it was GEORGEOUS!!! not to mention it was fascinating with the rich history there. we ended the trip by driving home down the 101. i never knew how beautiful northern california was and thought san diego was the place to be but i could totally do northern california. love it!! even though i came home to a sick baby, it was such a fun getaway and loved going away with my cute hubby and having some alone time. now im ready for our next vacation!!


The Wilcken 7 said...

Congratulations! How many years are you celebrating, like 10 !? I'm so happy for you both! Love the pictures!

Brad and Allie said...

looks like fun!!!

The McNeil Family said...

It is nice to get away from the kids and enjoy each other. I have never gone to northern cali. I should make matt take me. It sure looks beautiful.