Wednesday, August 19, 2009


my little charlotte LOVES the swings. everytime we go to the park thats where she would like to spend the majority of her time. we went to la jolla shores this past week and of course charlotte suckered rick into pushing her on the swing. the next thing we know we look down and shes fallen asleep! she was out cold! this girl DOES NOT sleep unless shes in her room with a bottle in her own bed with the lights out and the fan going. so it was pretty surprising to see her fall asleep in the middle of a crowded park in the swing. the funny thing is we went again 2 days later and whitney was pushing her in the swing and she did she fell asleep again! what can i say the girl loves her swings!


The McNeil Family said...

I can't believe she fell asleep..Wow she sure loves the swing

Anonymous said...

good girl sleep away while I pull aside the crotch of your swim suit and lick your pissy tasting p-ssy