Monday, January 19, 2009

ice cream truck

so yesterday we're sitting in the family room watching tv and all of a sudden we hear music coming from outside and it took me right back to my childhood. the music was actually some pretty cheesy christmas elevator sounding music but it still took me right back. do you remember when you were a kid and would hear that music, stop whatever it was that you were doing, and run to your mom as fast as your feet could carry you to beg for a dollar because the ice cream man was here! it was a good day when my mom would actually give in and let me have that dollar and off i was to buy candy right out in front of my very own home. well, its been years since i have heard that music or even seen an ice cream truck but yesterday i heard that music and we couldnt resist taking sophia outside to experience her first ice cream truck experience. rick grabbed his wallet and ran! hahaha! i remember if you werent super fast that truck was GONE! sophia thought it was the best thing in the world! she got herself a HUGE ice cream sandwich and was in heaven. she was in such a good mood that she was even willing to share with her sister believe it or not! it was fun to watch how excited she got over it and remember how much i enjoyed getting to pick out my favorite treat from the ice cream man. who knows if we'll ever see him again, the elusive ice cream man, but we sure enjoyed it!

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