Thursday, March 5, 2009

best morning ever

ok, so for those of you who know my little charlotte, you know that this child is a wild child and WILL NOT be still! well, this morning i went and got her out of bed and i turned on her baby einstein video and then went and layed down in sophias bed (who was asleep in my bed!) with charlotte. usually shes immediately squirming away from me but by some miracle she just layed there snuggling and watching her video with me until she eventually fell back to sleep! she layed there snuggled up to me for about a half an hour! the longest that child has ever let me snuggle her before that was for about 2.5 seconds! i loved every second of it and of course didnt move a muscle so i wouldnt wake the beast! she finally woke up when sophia woke up and came in the room and hopped up to snuggle with us also. so needless to say it was a nice morning spent with my baby girl! i love these girls!


Jen said...

Moments to cherish! Bryce was my only cuddler. Bren and Kelsie were just like Charlotte. She is getting so big and cute! I still can't get over her hair. So thick and adorable.

Michelle said...

That is ADORABLE. Kind of makes you want another one...huh..huh?;)

Anonymous said...

haha Michelle is funny!

Isn't it funny when you get a moment like that you think to yourself don't move, don't breathe to hard, or I hope the phone doesn't ring!

so cute.

so, when are you going for that third? huh..huh?

love you

Beach Mommy said...

It's so nice to grab a rare snuggle. It makes them more valuable for some reason!