Friday, February 19, 2010

TLC to the rescue!

to add insult to injury not only can i not drop sophia off in front of school but apparently i dont know how to dress either! the other night sophia and i were watching what not to wear and sophia says, "mommy you should go on this show." the next day my sister asked her if she didnt like how i dressed and she says, "yeah sometimes." whitney then asks her what it is i wear that she doesnt like and she says, "i dont like when she wears her workout clothes. she wears them in public and its embarrassing!" did i miss something? is my child actually 15 and not 5?? so maybe thats why im not allowed to drop her off in front of school, i always go straight to the gym after i drop her off so of course im in my workout clothes. well, i guess that mystery is solved!

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The McNeil Family said...

That is so funny. Kids they are just so straight forward and too smart for their own good.