Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fancy Charlie

Charlotte is pretty into the Fancy Nancy books right now so we decided to throw a Fancy Nancy birthday party for her this year. It was crazy but i think the kids had fun so that's all that matters, right?? We had super cute decorations thanks to my mother and sister Michal. There were sunglasses, bead necklaces, and feather boas because you just can't be fancy without those. We had TONS of candy and tasty cupcakes so what better way to work off all that sugar than with a jumper in the back room. It was perfect! All in all i think everyone had fun but note to self DO NOT schedule to do a wedding the morning of a birthday party EVER again. I was pooped! Charlotte had a blast with all her little friends and it really was fun planning a Fancy Nancy party:) Thanks to everyone who came and helped Fancy Charlie celebrate her birthday this year!

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Michelle said...

It was a fun party! You did a GREAT job & went all out, as usual.
I love the picture of Aubrey & Jaiden. Aubrey's pose is ridiculous.:)