Friday, September 3, 2010

bring on the walker!

So today im feeling OLD! A couple days ago Sophia found my prom dress in my closet and asked if she could wear it for dress up. I told her it was all hers. She says to me, " yeah you dont need it anymore because your not a teenager anymore your just a mom." Ouch. Your right Sophia im not a teenager anymore and im feeling very far from it now. So ive somewhat recovered from this statement and today she says to me "mommy did you watch Dora the Explorer when you were a little girl?" I told her that they didn't have Dora the Explorer when i was young. Her reply? "Mommy, when you were little did they just have radio?" Wow, not only am i NOT a teenager but apparently now i was alive during the horse and carriage era ;) This child will definitely keep me humble...

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