Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mommy and Sophie Day!

I've decided that every year the week before school, Sophia (and Charlotte when shes old enough!) and I will have what she calls "mommy and Sophie day." We go shopping for the things she needs for school, go to lunch, and do whatever girly stuff we want to do. I do this in the hope that it will get her excited to start school;) So far its working, she got new boots and she cant wear them until school starts so shes counting down the days! Im sad but excited for school to start. I'll miss her but I'm so ready to be back on a schedule!! This year we went to Barnes and Noble to pick out a book, got pedicures, went shopping for shoes, played with puppies, went to lunch at Souplantation, and Soph even got to go to work with me to do one client which she loved! Of course i didn't get as many pictures as i wanted but whats new! We had lots of fun and can i just say that i LOVE having girls!

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Michelle said...

That's really sweet Erin. I love traditions.

The Wilcken 7 said...

You are such a fun mom! I adore you and your cutness!